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At Fwen.io, we're transforming how coaches engage with their clients. Our advanced AI technology allows you to connect, engage, and monetize your expertise effortlessly.


AI Tools Made Just For Coaches

Our AI handles routine tasks like scheduling, client Q&A’s, and progress tracking, freeing up your time to focus on what you do best—coaching.


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  • Join Fwen.io Early Access: Elevate your coaching with our AI that summarizes meetings, highlights action plans, and creates your client’s roadmap to success.
  • Enhance Client Engagement: Automate follow-ups with reminders, schedule check-ins, and receive seamless updates.
  • Increase Your Revenue: Our AI seamlessly introduces more of your courses and ensures post-event follow-ups for optimal client engagement.

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Don't miss out! Fwen.io Early Access has limited slots for coaches, ensuring personalized support and optimal use of our advanced AI. Secure your spot now and revolutionize your coaching experience.


Features and Benefits


AI Voice

Fwen.io's AI voice feature provides natural, 24/7 interactions with personalized coaching from your programs. The AI studies your input and content, using points from your meetings to remind your clients. This comprehensive approach ensures that your clients receive the guidance and accountability they need while you focus on the bigger picture.


AI Analytics

Fwen.io's advanced AI analytics offer dynamic insights into client progress and engagement, allowing coaches to adapt and tailor their programs in real-time based on data-driven feedback to ensure optimal client success.


AI Assistant

Fwen.io's AI assistant integrates with your workflow, automating routine tasks like meeting summaries, action plans, and reminders. This ensures continuous client engagement and allows you to focus on delivering high-quality coaching.

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AI powered coaching is the fuuture. And thousands of coaches are already transforming their practices and improving clients' lives. Join Fwen.io today to see how our cutting-edge AI technology can elevate your coaching experience.


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Fwen.io FAQs

What can fwen.io do?

Fwen.io leverages advanced AI technology to enhance your coaching accountability. It provides 24/7 support, personalized coaching interactions, and automates routine tasks like summarizing meetings, creating action plans, and scheduling reminders. Fwen.io also offers dynamic insights and real-time program adjustments based on client progress, ensuring continuous engagement and optimal client success.

What are the benefits of signing up for early access?

Signing up for early access allows you to experience our full suite of AI features before anyone else. You'll receive personalized support and setup, priority feedback processing, and exclusive perks and bonuses. Plus, you'll be part of an elite group of coaches shaping the future of AI-powered coaching.

How does the AI Voice feature work?

The AI Voice feature works by analyzing your voice and coaching style to create an AI version of you. This AI voice can then provide personalized advice, plans, and services to your clients, maintaining a consistent and personal connection even when you're unavailable

Can I customize the AI training videos?

Yes, you can fully customize the AI training videos. You can embed your own avatar or photo to make the videos more personal and realistic. Our AI helps you produce high-quality, personalized training resources tailored to your clients' needs.

Is there a limit to the number of clients I can engage with?

No, there is no limit to the number of clients you can engage with using fwen.io. Our platform is designed to scale with your business, allowing you to reach as many clients as you need without any restrictions.

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